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  1. Contact Tiffany at

  2. We will set up a free consultation to discuss your vision and help you assess your collection.

  3. We will outline a plan with an estimate of time to catalog your collection, as well as assemble a list of materials needed to complete the project.

  4.  Items can be photographed and cataloged, with short descriptions attached. If there is damage to any of the pieces, a condition report will be provided. If there is an assessed value for the item, that will be recorded as well.

  5. A customized database will be created to suit your individual needs.

  • If your catalog is being created for the purpose of an insurance policy, any information needed to ensure complete coverage can be included.

  • If your catalog is being created for the purpose of a will or living trust, the designated heirs can be matched to individual pieces.

  • If the catalog is being created so that you can admire your grand collection of artwork, record albums, books, jewelry, and any other number of things that make your soul sing, this is an invaluable service for you to organize your assets.


All items recorded will be kept confidential to ensure the security of your property.


Please refer to for an example of a database that we have created. The Betty Guy Collection of art contains over 3,000 original paintings, drawings, monoprints, monotypes, etchings, embossings, and background material on the artist.


Cataloging is something we feel passionate about. Cathy and I love and value art, antiques and all manner of collectibles. The things people collect conjure real feelings and connections to countless types of creativity through all sorts of different media. Collections link us to various times in history, provide more of a connection to the present, and can show us glimpses into the future through a creator's vision and ingenuity.


Thank you so much!

Collection Cataloging Service

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